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(time is another hugely debated topic. [many argue time does not exist. others --including some scientists-- argue that time is a human perception, that all exists simultaneously, and that it's possible to "move" iether forward or backwards in time.] however, time is not about measure, time is about BEFORE vs AFTER. time travel ("skipping" back or forward through time) is NOT LOGICALLY possible (except in fiction, see rise of the planet of the apes in the modelland cards / bellatop.com crossover project) and --except with a vcr, haha-- we can only go FORWARD in time, and "gradually at that. i do have logical demo time does exist but is predicated upon words agreement. in a nutshell: if you eat big mac on monday and taco on tuesday, impossible for evidence/records on monday of your eating taco on tue, but records and/or evidence of you having eaten big mc on monday, necessarily exist on tuesday) - IN OTR WERDZ, IF BITCH TYM TRAVEL TO SEE U NOW, WER SHE At?

[this text adapted from "more / other (from METAPHYSICS to new ECONOMY/JUSTICE/WELL-BEING and REALITY TV)
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