my name's took thorntorn. im a nextgen shaman.

wot da fuck is a nextgen shaman?
well, if you're reading this in what most peeps call 2016, i can try 2 answer that as best i can.
1st of all, if ur expecting drummin, rattles, feathers etc, i lov that and all, but it aint my style. in this day and age that's what peeps think of when they hear the word shaman. these days that's what many might call "traditional" shamanism, or sumtn like that. i have PROFOUND RESPECT for it, and dabbled in it a little little bit. encountered it really, more than anything. i bow to it. almost love it. but, again, not my thing.
- and there's a growing number of modern shamans. very good. but also not really what i do. -
my short answer is: "a shaman is someone whose movements match their thought."
but chances are when u first hear that, ur gonna have an issue with that def (definition).
i understand.
so lemme try this:
a shaman is generally considered to be a healer and to be in touch with "the spirits." thats not what i'd say of myself. i mean, i wouldnt use those words at all. but otoh one could say its a matter of semantics. there's more, but let's keep it simple here.
let's say, for example, that we change the meaning of the words "the spirits" and we just mean, whatever mysterious ... whatever is sorta beyond our daily discourse... i dont wanna scare u away with the word "energies" because id love to be able to talk also with people that are adverse to talk about "energies, cosmos, new age, whatever," so im looking for the right words for what im tryin 2 say here. look, if nothing else, think of when your significant other or your classmate or co-worker is in a different mood BUT ur like, wtf? none of you knows why. one way of looking at it is, i sorta study that.
you know, the weather lady has studied high pressure, low pressure, barometric this and that. she can tell you, dude, there's an 80% chance of rain tomorrow. now, before we proceed, let's NOT get into whether if it rains it's god's will, science, or chance. i talk about it elsewhere ("formal" link) and, spoiler alert, my answer is none of those -- not the way i talk anyway. as a matter of fact what i will tell you right off the bat is that i believe there is such a thing as "intention." meaning, even though im quite familiar with weather forecasts and tarot readings both, i cant bet on it 100% but im pretty sure it's up to me whether or not i bring a fuckn raincoat.
so, i study things that most people don't have names for. we have names for "barometric pressure" and "odd mood" but we dont have fuckn words for the fuckn shit i study. so, let's just say i study and practice things that peeps dont usually study and practice.
it's so i can get up and go to sleep knowing im either all good or doin the right thing to get there.
i mean, not unhappy about my life.
thats whats related to healer concept. not in the sense that i call myself a healer. but in the sense that if u think about it, healers try to take a bad sitch and make it good.
thats what i do/did.
or, if the sitch is good, with nextgen shamanism i optimize it and/or simply keep it good.
u kan explor my nextgen shamanism "formally," which is my fave "work":

and/or ck out the rest of my stuff. it's all connected.

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and, i know no one's ready for it yet, but the digitial top choice system

though ultimately i do believe THE top choice system is what i describe in my:
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