an honest inquiry into astronomy and physics will on the one hand admire how near-perfectly it works in terms of our perceptible world, but on the other hand will find so very very many situations for which there's no question that our scientific explanation of the universe just doesn't work or it doesn't add up.
a primary example is what astronomers and physicists call "dark matter/dark energy." every single study or article that regularly comes up and claims "scientists have now found PROOF that dark matter/energy exists" inevitably leads to the fact they their study/proof is at best flawed and at worst based on circular reasoning.
and dont get me wrong, I LOVE ASTRONOMY. and yes i do believe the earth is round, the sun sets in the west, the planets orbit the sun, and the galaxies blow me away.
but, according to the majority of scientists the universe is made up of 90-99% dark energy / dark matter.
simply put: they're saying: look, the universe is a box of pencils. our scientific studies and our science laws tell us that the box has 10 pencils, because when we weigh the box as a whole or even small parts of it, the scale tells us that the weight of the box is the weight of 10 pencils. but, when they look inside the box, there's only one pencil (actually, when they look inside the box there's only like, 1 tenth of one pencil. it's almost down to the eraser. their answer is: the box contains 9 (or 9.9) "dark" [meaning untouchable invisible] pencils.
and it's not because they haven't looked all over the box. EVERYWHERE they look in the box, even if they look at the eraser, they say "well, this is one eraser, but it weighs as much as 90 or 99 erasers. it must be full of dark eraser energy." if they weren't in pathological denial, they might at least CONSIDER that maybe the combo of their scale and their equations and their understading of the universe need some kinda revisitin.
otoh i'm certainly open to the possibility or even likelyhood that what they call "dark energy" does indeed exist! however, if it does account for 90-99% of the universe AND scientists can't do much to explain how "completely empty space" makes up for 90-99% of THE WEIGHT of the universe, with all due respect, i think it might be wise to at least entertain the notion of considering acknowledging that astronomy/physics currently can't explain 90-99% of how much they think the universe "weighs." put it another way: it's almost like when they look at a galaxy [or a section of empty space or whatever ] and according to their science that 1 galaxy [or that section of empty space or whatever ] has the gravitational weight of 90 or 99 galaxies, they say "it's got a LOT of dark energy." im just sayin, hon, bro, if it was me, i'd consider saying "I CAN'T EXPLAIN why this galaxy [or a section of empty space or whatever ] has the gravitational weight of 99 galaxies."
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all this cosmic mystery stuff also inevitably leads me to the fact that i can't wrap my brain around the following:
now bear in mind, for years i tended to dismiss stuff i'd run into about the pyramids and space aliens, and i still don't quite relate to the current ufo culture (with all due respect.) but while i still have issue with ufo stuff i read, there is one thing about the pyramids that is undeniable.
it turns out this is amazingly connected to pyramids and temples etc all over the world with mind-boggling relations to astronomical numbers. and for decades i already knew that, for example,,aztec and maya pyramids were uncannily measured to align with undiputable astronomical references. but the following specifically puts my brain on tilt:
history books tell us that the METER was a unit of measure that isn't NEARLY as old as the pyramids. history books tell us that the SPEED OF LIGHT is something that humans began to understand very recently AND measure very very very VERY recently. but all it takes is a google map search and lo and behold the CENTER of no-fuckn-less-than the pyramid at giza (!) matches UNCANNILY with the EARTH'S LATITUDE at a point [29,9297458 north] that is the exact same number as the speed of light in METERS/second [299792458m/s].
now then, it's almost predictable that humans would choose to use units of 360 to divide a circle, because after all the year is about 360 days and 360 is a very usable number on a lot of fronts. so it's not unthinkable that 2 entirely diff cultures at entirely diff times would BOTH say, we're gonna measure the earth in terms of 360 degrees. ok. my mind can go there.
but that the center of the pyramid would match the latitude number with the speed of light in meters/second the way that it does is a 1 in 300,000,000 chance.and it aint a tree stump or even a famous statue. its the fuckn CENTER of the fuckn most important pyramid.
either the alignment was DELIBERATE or the alignment was NOT DELIBERATE.
if the alignment was DELIBERATE, our history books missing some major shit because they tell us egyptians didnt use meters, ancient cultures didn't know the speed of light, ETC ETC ETC.
and lets not forget SO MANY PYRAMIDS and CRUCIAL ancient artifacts all over the world with very similar numerical relationships.
if the alignment was NOT DELIBERATE, dude, wtf?
deliberate or not, the alignment exists.