things don't "happen," things are done.
i predict hindsight
practice honed
i know what i prefer to do/have


good for mind and bod
R & R [rest & relaxation]
this is good
in tune with good


good coordinates


i think with my own mind
field knowledge
i'm my best resource
if not this good one, that good one


free time
good activity
good tym


i have enough
this makes me happy
everythng that i approve, like, and choose

my reference quicklist re:
NECESSARY FOR (HUMAN) WELL BEING (took's version, not quite maslow's):

N1) food n water
N2) some basic shelter or protection from weather
N3) adequate relationship with peeps whom by definition we didnt choose but who r key to human psyche
(parents/siblings/relatives --or surrogates depending on one's sitch: the closest to our childhood)
N4) adequate relationship with most important "significant other(s)" whom we choose
(aka "our love life")
N5) something to do that gratifies the self
N6) adequate relationship w/ "da rest of the friggin universe"
(the person on the street, "god/dess," "others," the law, the homies, the weather, bacteria, whatnot)

L1) adequate friendship(s)
L2) access to things/situations above and beyond above necessities and L1. usually via money.


- why is "health" not in the N list ? -
as a nextgen shaman, i aint comfortable stating that we wouldnt be healthy if we had N1-6. (N6 worth a re-read.)
- about N/L -
N1-2 is biological.
N5 is sine-qua-non. i dont care if its contemplatin ur navel all day, working, binge-watching a tv series or volunteering. whatever. gotta do somethung that gratifes your self.
N3-4 apparently definitely necessary for the vast majority of human beings. often, one will try to compensate for N3 matters via N4, or vice-versa. but i suspect we need both.
an experiment im not sure about

my formal nextgen shamaninsm